Carsol pioneered in this segment of the fruit industry
and is a leading blueberry grower.

Our Vision

To become a world leader in the production and marketing of berries and other fruit.

Our Mission

To become a world supplier of premium produce, constantly innovating to deliver exclusive benefits to our customers.

Carsol Group

  • "CarSol goes beyond its borders"

    To market and cover the needs of our European customers with the proximity and experience that set us apart, in 2013, CarSol decided to expand its commercial horizons and established CarSol Europe B.V., a trade platform located in Rotterdam, Holland, which is the European logistic fruit‑and‑vegetable centre.

    Our expansion in Europe continued in 2016 with the creation of a new commercial platform in Valencia, Spain, called CarSol Berries Iberica S.L.

    In North America, CarSol has developed a strong business partnership with its major customers in the berry industry.


CarSol is constantly striving to improve the safeguards and food safety of its produce, and is hence certified under the following standards:

  • Global Gap version 4.0: A global protocol for quality agricultural practices;
  • F2F: Marks and Spencer Field to Fork;
  • Tesco Nurture: Tesco-UK's chain protocol of quality agricultural practices and sustainability;
  • BRC: A food safety and quality management system;
  • HACCP: The hazard analysis of critical control points for food safety assurance, and
  • SEDEX: A protocol for corporate social responsibility.

These certifications are annually renewed, which means that the company’s fruit production and packing processes are under permanent review, control and verification.

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